Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Dougie the sheep is star of the nativity

Annette's family host a small nativity each year in the small village of Glenachulish just up the road. They write a script and all the kids (and some adults) dress up and do a wee nativity play.

Its particularly popular with the kids since there are several animals in the field and there is a sort of stable/ shed with a real veteran Donkey named Happy. I think the animals make it a bit more real for the kids.

Centre of attention in this picture is Dougie the kids pet Sheep who they bottle fed as a lamb last April. Now certainly no longer a lamb. Doesn't he look good with his red ribbon?

See if you can find Josh dressed as the black sheep. He becomes a bit of a "head butter" when he puts this costume on. Takes the role playing very seriously.....

At least the girls look like Angels. Although there were a few tantrums and original unwillingness by all to put on their Angel outfits. The halos soon disappeared.....


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